About Inger

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Intuitive Tarot Reader

Life/Spiritual Coach

Co-Owner of Metaphysical Talk Radio

Massage Therapist

Reiki and Energy Worker

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My Story


I am Co-Owner of Garinger Media, LLC - Metaphysical Talk Radio along with my husband of 34 years. I have two lovely children and a beautiful grandson.  I love tarot reading and have learned from my grandmother how to read tarot with regular playing cards.  My style of reading is intuitive/coaching tarot-style where I incorporate my readings along with coaching. I am a Licensed Medical Massage and Reiki Practitioner in Chattanooga, Tennessee. My Tarot business and coaching is under the name of "Save Me, Sage Me".


I love tarot readings for others. My readings are focused more about personal goals, self-help and to help one to see situations from a different perspective (perception). Tarot has been my personal learning tool throughout the years for I am the Fool who is on a journey and this is how I learn to see through different eyes as I walk through each major arcana. This is how I learn to better myself and achieve my personal goal(s) and this is how I wish to share, teach and coach you on your personal journey.


Please Note: My readings do not replace Professional/Medical/Legal or Business Advice and Opinion. I do not provide readings to anyone under 18 years of age nor do I provide readings involving a third party members or those who have crossed over (died). Accepting me as your Tarot Reader/Coach, you acknowledge at the end of my sessions that you have not been coerced or pressured to take any actions by me, as your tarot reader and that any decisions or actions made by you as a result of your reading are entirely your responsibility.

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